Entrepreneur Development Seminar -14 April 2017

Marking Ambedkar Jayanti and commemorating the father of our constitution, a one-day Entrepreneur Development Seminar will be held on 14th of April 2017 at  New Viva College. The Seminar is conducted by ECO group that is inspired by very  foresighted Socio-Economic  principles of Babasaheb Ambedkar, one of the first great economic thinkers of Modern India. The Seminar is an ambitious project of this group that will be one of the first of its type in city of Virar and in the district of Palghar.
This is an excellent opportunity for Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs especially, if you are in Virar or nearby places.  A new Entrepreneur comes across several issues and has to deal with them without any help. This Seminar assures you a proper guidance including getting you a Udyog Adhaar Card for your business. Yes, you read right!! The Seminar cost of Rs. 499 includes getting you an Udyog Adhaar card and also a lunch.
The Seminar  focuses on guiding you with different marketing  techniques for your products like why and how to conduct fruitful exhibitions. This Seminar is also an excellent opportunity for business networking. You will be meeting entrepreneurs from various fields and it will be a hands-on experience on how to get benefited from this networking. You can learn here how to represent and introduce yourself along with your business in simply one minute and also maintain healthy relations with your clientele through networking.
‍ Why Have An Exhibition For Your Product *
*It’s a direct marketing method where consumers can check out your products*
*You can display your product in the most desirable way.*
*You can play a live demonstration of your product*
*Exhibition results in direct sale of your product*
*You can manage it in most economical way*
*You get an insight on what your consumers want*
*Your consumers can buy both in bulk or *
* A good lead for B 2 B businesses *
*What You Can Expect To Learn From This Seminar.
*✅ Everything you need to know about Udyog Adhaar Card and a free Udyog Adhaar Card*
*✅ Varied Government schemes related to Udyog Adhaar *
*✅ Information on Mudra (Micro Units Development &Refinance agency) and other loan schemes and proper mediums.
*✅How & When to plan an Exhibition.*
*✅What products  should you display in an Exhibition and how to display*
*✅How to arrange government facilitated Exhibition?*
*✅Places in Maharashtra where you should you arrange Exhibitions and when*
*✅Problems you come across  and our counsellling
*✅Q&A session❓❓❓*
*Date – 14 April 2017*
*Venue –  Seminar Hall, New Viva College Virar*
*⏰Time – 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM*
* Fees- Rs. 499/- (Includes Lunch)*
*☎Contact – 9168528483, 8412828288*
_*(Spread the word, and do bring your friends along)*_

Kelwa Beach – A fantastic Weekend Destination

Kelwa beach is a popular weekend getaway for  Mumbaikars. Those who haven’t been here, this is a wonderful break from the routine. Laden with natural beauty and a maintained travel spot, hats off to whoever is responsible for its care. They are doing a satisfactory job for the tourists here.

The good part is you can make a weekend plan or a day out in spur of a moment. There are ample resort options if you want to stay and even economical options of lodge accommodations. A day out plan will require nothing more than information on how to get here. From Mumbai, it is a 2 to 2.5  hours drive to the beach. For people coming from northern regions, you can take the bypass from Palghar on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway No.8. For those who want to take train from Mumbai, it is much convenient to get here with direct local trains that have recently  started from Churchgate to Dahanu. Do look up the timetable in advance to sync accordingly. The Kelwe road railway station is quite a remote station with few transport options, the dumdum(8 seater rikshaw) &  bus.


The dumdum or bus ride from station to beach is approximately 5 Kilometers and very pleasant one. It starts with somewhat barren landscape and grows greener as you travel inside. On one side of the road you will find salt pans and the other with many oasis spots of green plantation.




As you get closer to the beach the greenery gets thick and resembles Konkan region. Technically, Palghar district is almost a part of Konkan region minus the red soil.


The Sheetala devi temple is an old pilgrim place for devotees and now renovated beautifully. There is carefully cultivated garden around the temple with beautiful flower and other show plants. The premise and the temple is maintained clean.




Various small eateries take care of your hunger pangs with quick snacks like Vadapav, Misal etc. If you are a group of 8 or more people you can order a vegetarian Maharashtrian thali or  non-vegetarian Biryani in approx 1-2 hours. There are also full time restaurants in the vicinity. For stays, you can book lodge rooms on the spot at these eateries or book  the resorts beforehand. A large travelers group is much economical in the lodging options and can cost you Approx. 800 -1000 for a group of 10.  Resorts can be pricier but come along with their conveniences.

You have to pay a Rs. 5 ticket per person for the entrance at the beach but it is worth the cleanliness and hygiene maintained here. The ticket also covers lifeguard cost appointed for our safety. The public toilets are fairly clean. You even have changing rooms there, so a day out plan here is  good idea too instead of booking for a stay.


Enough things to amuse you on beach like horse-cart ride, camel ride, four-wheel bike ride, savory chaat – ice candy – coconut water carts, toy sellers and a small playground for kids.





More Pictures here – https://flic.kr/s/aHskR1f6jK

Jharas – The Exotic Leafy Green of Winters

Jharas is Winter green found only in the region of Vasai-Virar. Most of the vegetable vendors especially those who are not native and sometimes even natives like ‘maushis’ in  eastern market of Virar haven’t  heard of this leafy green. It just grows like that, probably like in the mushy areas around wells. The veggie is bitter in taste, slightly bitter than methi, so the proportion with other ingredients needs to be balanced while cooking. It is supposed to have medicinal value and therefore preserved by sun drying and stocked for the whole year. If you like methi, you will like Jharas.

After a lot of search (been on lookout for nearly 2-3 years) found this greens in the small market of Umbargothan- a pretty scenic village situated in between the road to Nalasopara starting from Agashi. Had to travel far but I’m not complaining because the evening travel by Dumdum (big rikshaw) was pleasantly beautiful with reddish-golden sun setting on the horizon and the road surrounded by luscious green fields. Hope the greenery never vanishes.

Below  is the recipe for Jharas Vaal bhaaji in the video. The recipe is given by Ms. Bhagyashree Pandit. There are other ways to cook jharas like using in thalipeeth.

Hurry now before the season is gone!

The Making of Ukadhandi

Making Ukadhandi in our urban residences by Mrs. Manasi Milan Dharmadhikari.