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Welcome to our Khau Galli section! The absolute foodie Virarkars need more help and information on the places to visit, we realized. New food joints spring every day to serve the tingling taste buds of the people here. There is also lot to share about the traditional virar and vasai specialties about which very little is known. In fact, we decided to have food detectives to go places to investigate the man’s very basic need which according to us is chatpata khaana. Smells good? Oh then hurry up and drop us any suggestions about your favorite food joint and we will feature in this place with comments from our FD team asap. We will also bring any latest updates of new openings of food joints and their special features and offers. Your life is never going to run out of spices here!

Jharas – The Exotic Leafy Green of Winters

Jharas is Winter green found only in the region of Vasai-Virar. Most of the vegetable vendors especially those who are not native and sometimes even natives like ‘maushis’ in  eastern market of Virar haven’t  heard of this leafy green. It just grows like that, probably… Continue Reading “Jharas – The Exotic Leafy Green of Winters”

Koral- The May Greens

This year I have had no luck with Suran flower so far. The disappointment after several trips to sabji market is stronger because the season is going. Once, it was so close, I watched a lady leaving with the only two Suran flowers the… Continue Reading “Koral- The May Greens”

Mamledar Misal

There is a mail that does rounds on internet with a list of famous Misals of Maharashtra and where to find them. Mamledar Misal is listed in it. It has got its name because the food joint is situated right beside Mamledaar/Tahsildaar office in… Continue Reading “Mamledar Misal”

Shevala –A Delightful Start of the Monsoon

Shevala is an edible, exotic vegetable, botanically related to the family of Suran Flower. You can compare the similarity with the help of pictures (especially the inflorescence structure). Both, Suran flower and Shevala taste similar after cooking and have a very limited season. The… Continue Reading “Shevala –A Delightful Start of the Monsoon”