Category: Detour

Detour in life is very necessary, once in a while you need to take one from your routine and look around. World is beautiful not only in farther lands but there are much surprises in store if you explore some of the nearby places. Time to change and deviate from set ideas, life and reenergize your spirits. This page is to inspire you to take a detour…

A Random Dayout in Dahanu

Even though I’m somewhat acquainted with Dahanu since my childhood, I know very little about the city. Many  commute daily here from Virar and the two cities depend a lot on each other economically. Popular for  best quality chikoos, Dahanu has international market selling them… Continue Reading “A Random Dayout in Dahanu”

Jharas – The Exotic Leafy Green of Winters

Jharas is Winter green found only in the region of Vasai-Virar. Most of the vegetable vendors especially those who are not native and sometimes even natives like ‘maushis’ in  eastern market of Virar haven’t  heard of this leafy green. It just grows like that, probably… Continue Reading “Jharas – The Exotic Leafy Green of Winters”

A Beautiful Evening Spot -Karwale Dam in Saphala

We came across this very soothing evening spot last weekend, the Karwale dam. This one is located in Saphala, a train station that falls in between Virar-Palghar route.  Karwale dam is approximately  6 years old, you can say a moderately recent construction. Since then,… Continue Reading “A Beautiful Evening Spot -Karwale Dam in Saphala”

The Road Less Taken – Jivdani

The ever visible shrine could not be seen as we rubbernecked at the crest of the hill.  In front of us lay stairs to the hill top. This meant that  the foot of the hill where we stood was side yard of the hill… Continue Reading “The Road Less Taken – Jivdani”